Elos NL Foundation

In early 2010, the Elos philosophy was brought to the Netherlands by using the e-Motive program of Oxfam Novib. Initiators Niels Koldewijn and Edo van der Spa were stimulated by the process and based on the ideas of reverse development, a group of professionals was trained in the method in Brazil, to apply it in Dutch districts. The structure succeeded and the methodology and procedure fitted seamlessly into an era in which the government is retreating, civilian power to encourage and bottom-up and co-creation processes becoming more common.

After the pilot in Amsterdam Noord, social entrepreneurs initiated a movement in 2011, which led to the first sister organization of the Brazilians; Elos Foundation Netherlands. Especially with the Oasis Game projects Elos Netherlands had a unique way of working, in the Western context, with residents in a playful manner, contributing to identifying, shaping and realizing the dream project of neighborhood or organization in which they get positively connected. Through the energetic process concrete results are achieved within 2 weekends.

In recent years, we have completed over 20 projects, over 150 professionals trained in the operation and more than 1,500 residents and participants got moving. Elos has worked in Dutch neighborhoods and schools, in England, Montenegro, all Antillean islands and increasingly with businesses.