Instituto Elos Brasil

The seed for the philosophy of ELOS Institute was developed in 1996 when its founders, a group of students of architecture, took upon them to revitalize the fishing museum in Santos, Brazil. As students they have been entertaining the question “what is the social role of architecture in a community?” to cause awakening, engaging and mobilize young people to transform spaces, structure and the world.

What became clear to them during the project was that people of different background can come together to work on a dream.

In 1999 the context for the institute became clearer when they organized “warrior without weapon”. The goal of this initiative was to share with Latin American youth the experience of the community work they did to revitalize the fishing museum. For this program they use of different tools like social participation methods ( i.e. cooperative games, circular dances, world café), indigenous pedagogy, and the four elements – earth, water, fire and air- as part of the training.

What happened next was an increased interest in the movement. Neighborhoods became eager for this movement that is giving back their ability to dream and not only that, make it a reality as well At that moment transformation of neighborhood and the youth became their priority. In 2000 Elos Institute was established. Realizing that collective construction could be as fast and pleasant as a game, Elos adjusted the methodology to be executed in two days: this adaptation became the Oasis Game.