Elos Camp 2015

The focus of the Caribbean movement is youth mobilization for education and poverty alleviation community entrepreneurship.

On many Caribbean islands there’s a weak educational structure and very little focus on life-skills. The Carribean movement is developing a special youth format for building youth leadership called ‘Elos camp’, creating a generation that is willing to take action for a social and sustainable living environment.

Elos Camp is an initiative for young people, 14 to 18 years of age, who want to develop skills to realize their best potential in the world. The process is oriented by the Elos Philosophy with a focus on the Oasis Game Methodology, based on 7 Disciplines: The Appreciative Gaze, Affection, The Dream, Care, The Miracle, Celebration, and Re-evolution. During the project and through a learning-by-doing process, participants will experience the methodology and produce actual results in the community involved.

Elos Camp is a 15-day immersive experience where participants come together to become a learning community. Activities are based in three pedagogical levels:

Mythological Level: includes content from indigenous mythology and education, “Myths and Elements”, from the qualities and experiences of the four elements (earth, water, fire, and air), working with activities involving contact with nature, Indigenous Games, and council fires;

Philosophical Level: addresses the content of the Elos Methodology and Philosophy of Transformation from the seven subjects (appreciative seeing, affection, the dream, care, the miracle, celebration, re-evolution) practiced in group activities and in the communities where the Elos Camp program takes place;

Instrumental Level: addresses seven internationally recognized social technologies that are used during group activities to support community action, connection, dialogue, mobilization, design, and construction. These technologies promote processes of cooperation, empathy, collective intelligence, creativity, common-unity, dissemination, and collective building.

During the program, the Three Levels take place on Three Pedagogical Learning Scales:

You and yourself: strengthening the individual

  • Action and balance – ability to act even if it’s outside your comfort zone, having emotional intelligence;
  • Self-learning – learning how to learn;
  • Self-confidence – ability to go after what you need, being secure in moving forward.

You and others: strengthening the collective

  • Collective intelligence and power – ability to expose the collective intelligence and actions- together we can do more;
  • Learning from each other – being emotionally supportive, learning to see from different angles;
  • Myth of collective building – having a feeling that you couldn’t have done it alone- a feeling of collective victory.

You and the world: connecting with the environment

  • Interdependence – experiencing a connection with nature and a sense of global community;
  • Local Action-Global Connection – Activating social networks, project management based on the values and resources in a community;
  • Make the world we dream of happen now!- learning by doing- dreaming up and building the best possible world.