Past Games

The first Oasis Game took place in Otrabanda, Curaçao in 2012 as part of a two year EU community building project funded by USONA. It was facilitated by Elos Nederland and one of the Brazilian founders of Elos Institute, Rodrigo Rubido. Kurt Schoop who was a participant at the first Oasis Game, got the invitation to follow the training program in Brazil to become a facilitator of the Oasis Game. He successfully followed the program and within 4 months upon his return, he facilitated his first Oasis Game in Nieuw Nederland. It was a success with the participants and the inhabitants of the neighborhood. Not only that, some participants became part of the Oasis Game team. Since then there have been 6 Oasis Games, of which 3 in Curaçao, 1 in Bonaire, 1 in St Maarten and 1 in Aruba. And after every Oasis Game some participants joined Kurt in this movement to restore self- belief of human kind.

Games 2012

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