New additions to the Oasis route are: coaching and guidance for the district after an Oasis Game took place. This process has been added tco ensure sustainable development. During the Oasis Game community organizations of the area would come together to collaborate on the realization of the dream. They are the groups that through coaching and guidance will continue working on the realization of the dreams in the community. Along with inspiring key figures from the district, an Oasis ‘ commission ‘will take part in coaching sessions on a regular basis. . The session’s main topic will be; evaluating to what extent the district is actively improving his circumstances. The member of the Oasis Commission will be trained in how to get the residents actively involved in their neighbourhood and to remain active. And the commission will be assisted in the execution of their projects.

A community coach is a guide who helps communities and organizations identify and achieve their goals. A coach works with a community over the long term building the capacity to:

  • improve communication, resolve conflicts
  • strengthen relationships, identify and connect to internal and external resources,
  • provide opportunities for individual and collective learning, and respond to change.
  • transform , stretch their vision, values, abilities