The name Oasis is inspired by history books that depict an oasis as being a place that offers hope, stability and refuge for tired travellers that are crossing the desert.

At first glance, deserts seem dry and unfriendly. However, when looking closely, their stunning views and their minerals and vegetative treasures are discovered: oases. To Elos institute the same applies to our world nowadays; it is filled with immense “desert “areas. What is visible in these areas and communities at first glance is their lack of vitality and desire. Hidden from the naked eyes are the points of light, alive with hope, beauty and joy: oasis.

The Oasis Game brings all this to the foreground during two back to back weekends. Following seven disciplines that make up the game, appreciative gaze, affection, the dream, care, the miracle, celebration and re-evolution, the participants will experience some form of transformation, whether it is personal, in a physical space or environmentally.

The participants will gain a new view of themselves and the places where they live, study and work, revealing the beauty, joy and pleasure in each of these places.


The Seven Steps