Members of the community

Each neighborhood has formal and informal leaders. Also people with great leadership potential, who in a lot of cases don’t realize these themselves. These people are scouted and guided in becoming member of the ‘outer circle’ which provides support in Oasis Games and joins us in the Oasis Caribe Movement.

At the moment the outer circle has 3 members. Two of an community on Bandabou (the west side of the island) and one from the oldest community on Curacao. In both communities an Oasis Game was held last year. These three people got inspired by the methodology and wanted to continue. Last march the Oasis Caribe Movement facilitated an Oasis Training on Aruba. To join, they all had to fundraise fl. 1.000,- each in two weeks… All three succeeded!

In the last Oasis the members of the outer circle guided a new community into realizing their dreams. In this way, the movement is amplified t together with the team.