Who are we

We are a movement that in a playful way brings people together to work on a common goal, and in the process restore their self belief.

This newfound self-belief unravels a new world where power and being in action are key; they will be reconnected with their power and aware of how much they can achieve on their own . They will have experienced the meaning of the saying , “ even the poorest have something to give; even the richest have something to receive”.

Oasis caribe movement works in neighbourhoods where hope is utopia and fatality the reality. In two weekends time, through Oasis Game, all this changes. During the first weekend, participants go on a quest to find out what is that one thing that can bring everyone together ( “common dream”) and what are the available resources both humanly ( “talents”) and material in the neighbourhood.

On the second weekend, the dream of the neighbourhood becomes a reality. Together, participants and “talents” work in teams to create the dream. using the material collected the weekend before. Sunday evening is magic. The whole neighbourhood come together to celebrate what they have accomplished. There is a feeling of triumph, pride and connection in the air. Oasis Caribe Movement is a movement to restore human dignity of being happy, deeply connected and able to create the life he/she desires.

One of its tools to achieve this is Oasis Game. Each participant goes through a process of transformation that will let them discover how equipped they are for life, unveil their hidden dreams and they will muster the courage to go after them. The testimony to this transformation is what he/she has helped to create in his/her neighborhood with what was available and it is beautiful.

Oasis Otrobanda